About Us

Hi friends, thank you so much for being here! We just want to use this page to say hello and tell you a little bit about us. I am Emmie, the owner and creator of Kate Grace Thread Co and this is my cute family! Grace is my husband and Jonah is our sweet boy. I started this shop as a creative outlet and a way to make a little extra money after I had Jonah. I started making some bonnets and fell in love with them and how they looked on every baby! I am obsessed with bonnet cheeks! 

Since starting this journey of creating handmade baby goods, I've found a love and passion for small shops, run by amazing women. Especially handmade shops like mine. I believe in community and have been blown away by the one I have found over instagram. That platform has been so fulfilling for me as a buisness owner, a mother and a friend. While selling exclusiveIy on instagram I made wonderful and meaningful connections with other small shop owners. I had a dream to create a space and platform for other makers like me who share my passion of handmade goods to sell their knits and crochets. By building this website I have been able to make that dream a reality. I am so pleased to say that this website is full of handmade items by wives, mothers and women. On behalf of all of us I want to say thank you for your love, support and buying handmade.